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Lofi Recording Techniques

Lofi recording is all about imparting a quality to your recordings that you can’t emulate digitally. For me, it’s also about approaching a recording in an unconventional way. If it sounds good, it is good, right? Here’s a few of my favorite lofi techniques that I’ve shared on the channel.

Free Lofi Techniques

Drum Sample Packs

A new hobby of mine is creating Digitakt sample packs. The samples are "one shot" .WAVs of no more than a few seconds long. You can use them with any DAW, sequencer, or similar device. Download them for free and let me know what you make with them!

Free Sample Packs

4-track Cassette Recording

The videos that started it all! I’ve made about 75 videos on all things 4-track cassette recording. Here’s a few of my favorites and the most popular topics that come up from time to time. Come to think of it, I should probably make an FAQ section for 4-track cassette recording!

Free 4-track Tutorials

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