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General 4-track Discussion / Re: Great records recorded on 4 track machines
« Last post by exodus on January 13, 2019, 04:18:22 PM »
Jeb... the BQ's song About Time is really good. 
General 4-track Discussion / Re: 4-track recordings
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on December 23, 2018, 10:14:29 AM »
I dig Whole Wide World, you really got a great sound on the vocals. I think Iffy Tape gave me an acid flashback lol, love it!

My old band recorded these demos on my 424. It was my first project on my 424:

I recorded these on my 424 with my current band :
We're in the process of recording a full length with a 488 I recently acquired

Hello Twin Reverb,
I'm finally getting around to listening to some of these early posts on here! Love this sound! From what I can tell, Baltimore seems to have a pretty solid garage/psych scene, something that's severely lacking in my little town in Florida. But every February the folks from Hidden Volume (out of Baltimore) have a showcase in Orlando of bands that pretty much emulate '60s rock, which I absolutely love! Anyway, glad to see you're making cassette sound so good! I'm surprised at the quality of the 488, which has 8 tracks on a regular cassette, correct? I love those early Clientele albums that were made on a 488. Keep up the good work!
General 4-track Discussion / Re: 4-track recordings
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on December 22, 2018, 10:15:49 PM »
Nice work Jason! The new track sounds really good! I love how minimalist it sounds, perfect!

Butzjon, that is so hilarious! I love how serious it sounds haha... the irony is wonderful!
General 4-track Discussion / Re: 4-track recordings
« Last post by Jason on December 22, 2018, 09:52:34 PM »
hey tascfam!

I recorded this tonight in a couple of hours. Most of it was done on the 424. I did double track the vocals and threw on a tambourine in the DAW. Anyway, thought I'd share it!

Happy Holidays all!
TascFam, Unite and Take Over / Re: 424 Recording TascFam World Map
« Last post by gtelefon on December 22, 2018, 12:07:39 PM »
Hi guys, Southampton, UK

Best regards,
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Share Your "Must Have" Gear
« Last post by Jason on December 22, 2018, 06:26:07 AM »

Totally get the draw to want to use 16 tracks when in a DAW! It's easy to just keep adding stuff. That's the sort of the best part of the 4 track is really getting down what is necessary for the song or being creative by putting a couple of things on one track to free up space.

Man, that really stinks you can't hear the effects while you record. I totally get it! I feel the same way, you gotta be able to hear that cranked treble! I've only recently used GarageBand to "master" my mix downs. So I'm not all that familiar with it these days. If I'm using a computer, I use a ten year old macbook with a free version of Logic Express to record tracks. If I use it I try not to over do it when I'm recording tracks. I just get sucked down the black hole when mixing and I feel like I can never be happy with a mix.

Now really for gear I really probably can't live without:
My squire jazzmaster
a bass
dusty floor tom and snare
hammond organ
tape deck from the early 80s. I like to demo stuff on it.
a couple of mics. sm57 or 58. I have an MXL 990 that I use for a ton of stuff as well.
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Share Your "Must Have" Gear
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on December 21, 2018, 08:14:58 AM »
Jason, I was just making a demo in Garage Band last night and Mike's words of wisdom rang true again.

I haven't tried to record this song in quite a while. It has four sections with completely different feels to them. I practiced it with a drummer earlier last night, and he kept changing tempos and didn't know what to play in the different sections. Trying to record it after I got home from band practice made me realize I need a different approach. As Mike says, practice your song first -- which I've done many times, it's one of "the old ones" that I've changed around a lot. But Mike also keeps saying practice recording on the DAW first -- this is so helpful! So I had to simplify the song and play a more consistent rhythm throughout to make the transitions seamless. I removed some parts and made another part repeat a bit more. Recording really does show you what works and what doesn't.

Since I have family in town for the holidays I had to record the guitar with a direct line in so I didn't disturb people sleeping. But when I record direct on Garage Band and select an amp and dial in the tone (this was the Surfin' in Stereo -- basically a Twin Reverb, with the 'verb and the trem cranked) I could still only hear the guitar as a direct line in. The "fake computer amp" settings are only audible on playback. I'm a believer that guitar tone through an amp with effects can change the way I play a song vs. squeaky clean dry no-tone. It was kind of annoying, even after I figured that out. I want to hear the way it's going to sound as it's being recorded! It's so dull and dry going direct.

So I guess a DAW is not really a must-have piece of gear, but you have to somehow get your cassette into a digital form to put online, so maybe it is. It's a nice luxury for practicing recording and making demos. I am more productive since I've been using the Tascam. I think the endless options of the DAW make me want to use 16+ tracks per song. On Garage Band I also found myself looking up at the top of each measure to make sure my playing was in time instead of just listening to see if I was in time. Ears vs. Eyes. This is why we still use cassette machines! 
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Share Your "Must Have" Gear
« Last post by Jason on December 20, 2018, 07:10:07 PM »
I think my must haves would be a guitar or a keyboard and some sort of multitrack recorder. I recorded for years with just garageband and the internal mic on the macbook. The recordings were not great, but it got the job done!
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Record new songs or old songs first?
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on December 19, 2018, 11:23:53 AM »
Yes! That's the best idea! I made a list of songs that I really want to record, and it's about 7 old ones (5 of which I re-arranged this summer, so they're a bit fresher) and 2 new ones. While I like them all, I think the message is more urgent for the ones I want to record. I get more excited about just the thought of recording them.

I looked back at my newest three songs and they're still a little under-cooked, though they have some parts I really like, but I need to develop them until I'm in love with all the parts of the song.
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Share Your "Must Have" Gear
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on December 19, 2018, 11:08:49 AM »
That's probably true, any dynamic mic pretty much sounds good for recording a guitar amp, a bass amp, or even drums and percussion, but vocal mics.... those are special. I haven't found one that makes my voice sound how I want unless I throw on tons of reverb, but all my mics are super cheap. My recording room also has no sound treatment, but with the amount of reverb I use I don't think it matters.

 I may have to give the Beta 58a a try. Or maybe a decent condenser. I'd love to get a tube mic, and it may be worth selling a guitar or two to fund an awesome microphone. It's just impossible to tell what mic will complement your voice until you buy one. I guess I don't have many friends in my area who record and have a bunch of mics I could try out. It's just like any piece of gear, it takes a few months to figure out if it's for you or not. I really need to explore this mic and voice thing a lot more.

I loved those GBV articles over on this thread:

Sounds like they used anything from Radio Shack mics to pretty nice tube mics with a Memory Man Delay to get their sound. But man, some of those GBV records are still difficult to listen to all the way through... probably because, as the article says, they turned the treble all the way up and the bass all the way down. But their whole thing is the songs are so catchy and full of wonderful hooks. And on a completely different note, I sent some of my songs to a friend who said it sounded like Daniel Johnston style recording... I was hoping it sounded a little more mid-fi than that! But I still hate working on the computer.
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