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General 4-track Discussion / Re: Tascam DP-24 / 32
« Last post by Desert Buff on June 21, 2019, 07:28:09 AM »
I have a DP-32.  I like it for portable plug and play recording.  Ultimately found the unit to be limiting within the digital realm, so I uploaded all my tracks into a DAW for editing and mixing.  Eventually, recording straight to computer became more intuitive.

Still use the DP-32 if I am travelling to jam with friends and need a portable digital device.
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Tascam hinting at new 4 track with sd and USB
« Last post by exodus on June 07, 2019, 06:05:08 PM »
The out could put that on the tascam Facebook page post.  They may take you up on it!
That would be really cool if they made something that can do tape and have an SD card/interface. This might sound crazy, but I'd like to see something that has the usability of the 424 or 488 but with a line out for each channel so each track can be dumped into a DAW for mixing. Eight tracks really would be nice, or maybe some kind of system where we can record the first four tracks onto tape and then do overdubs on an SD card and somehow run the entire mix into a DAW or another tape machine for final mixdown. Also, a USB connection that could import all the tape tracks into a DAW would be super freaking cool. I can dream, I suppose.
General 4-track Discussion / Re: Great records recorded on 4 track machines
« Last post by exodus on May 18, 2019, 11:45:57 PM »
Sufjan Stevens A Sun Came

Recorded with 4 track then dumped into Pro Tools for editing. 

Tascam 464/488/644/688 / Re: Tascam 488
« Last post by Stefan Paul psychboy86 on May 14, 2019, 04:04:54 PM »
Can you record on all 8 tracks at once with the 488? I've occasionally looked into getting one, but I'm actually more interested in the Yamaha MT8X, which I've read allows you to record on all 8 tracks at once (which you'd need to record a live band) and it also has 8 individual RCA lines out. But they're about as rare as hen's teeth and somewhat pricey on eBay.
General 4-track Discussion / mixing confusion on Tascam 424 mkii
« Last post by biffjefferson on May 13, 2019, 06:16:01 PM »
I have a question on how to go about mixing using monitors.

I'm using the mkii model, which differs from the mkiii in some of the monitor toggles. I attached an image for reference.

When creating a mix for bouncing down tracks, you can pan all 3 tracks to the right, and then the "Monitor R" switch will be the only one of the four which is switched to the right position. Everything else is switched to the left. When I do this, the faders are the only thing controlling the mix. The position of the "Effect 2/Tape Cue" knobs above each track do not effect the volume.

However, this means that the "Tape Cue" switch is set to the left position. The levels and fidelity seem MUCH lower and worse when this is switched to the left. When I switch to the right, to the "tape cue" position, everything gets louder and clearer. But then both the faders and the knobs are controlling the levels - this doesn't seem to be right either. Shouldn't it just be the faders that we are adjusting during mixing? Even when I bring the faders all the way to zero, you can still hear the track if the tape cue knob is turned up.

I'm talking about mixing down using monitors as a reference, not necessarily to bounce, but the same concept applies.

Is there any way to mix where this problem can be avoided? 

Put more simply, what settings on the Monitor section shown below should be used when mixing?
Tascam 464/488/644/688 / Re: Tascam 488
« Last post by ThegreatFOUR88 on May 11, 2019, 07:07:42 PM »
Also, just wanted to add (and forgot to mention in my previous response).....congrats on picking up a 488!!!

Its an awesome machine, sound quality is pretty much on par with a 424, which is impeccable considering the tiny amount of bandwidth available for each track. When I was a youngen back in the early 90’s I thought 8 track portastudios were like unicorns or bigfoot. Imagine not having to bounce bass and drums down to 1 or 2 tracks!

Pretty neat how you get 2 aux sends, digital meters and stuff, 2 location points, and most importantly, 4 extra tracks! I enjoy the ability to mix down stereo drums to 2 tracks, big advantage for me. I find 8 tracks is a great number too, enough for nice layers of overdubbing!
Tascam 464/488/644/688 / Re: Tascam 488
« Last post by ThegreatFOUR88 on May 11, 2019, 06:54:16 PM »
I've been looking long and hard at getting a 488 recently. I also saw this on Ebay...a mod that gives you 8 direct outs to go to a DAW or digital recorder. THAT is awesome and could be a game changer as you wouldn't need to time correct things to get them to a DAW for mixing!

Pretty neat looking mod, each track gets a post-fader send to a lovely rca out.

Even without the mod though, I think you can still get those 8 tracks out to a daw! Just maybe not so versatile in terms of routing (some outputs will be post eq+post fader, some just post eq and at least 1 will be gain only)

 First 4 outs come from the ‘group outs’ on the back (you just have to decide which 4 tracks, say 1-4 for example, assign them to the proper outs and pan each of them hard left or hard right according to which group out your sending each to) Using  the aux sends, you can send another 2 tracks out (control the output with the aux 1 and aux 2 send levels), then you can get a 7th track out by using the headphone out and sending that track thru the cue, with cue selected as the headphone source and all other groups switched off. To get the 8th track, you can hook up an rca cable to the ‘sync out’ jack on the back (with rca to 1/4” adaptor to go into tour interface/mixer)....for this to work  you have to have something recorded on track 8 though, it’ll only work for track 8 as thats the one used for midi sync.

Like I said, a few limitiations and a bit of dickin around to get there, but it can be done.
General 4-track Discussion / Tascam DP-24 / 32
« Last post by exodus on April 09, 2019, 01:34:41 AM »
What up fam?

Does anyone have a Tascam DP-24 / 32?  I am hearing professional results with this machine.  I have one myself.  It is pretty straight forward.  I know other people that use one of which Mike at the MPF project with great results.  It gives you some of the freedom of 4 track but with digital 24bit / 44.1khz quality.

Here is an example of an album recorded entirely on this unit:
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