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4 track transport lubrication
« on: April 09, 2018, 12:19:50 AM »
So we have touched on this a lot in our short time as a family, and I've been researching it on and off.

The model railroad and RC car builders, as well as fishing tackle enthusiasts and bike persons all debate what to use on delicate and often expensive parts of their various focuses. One thing keeps coming up over and over, and that's this shit called Superlube 92003. It's synthetic, safe on all types of plastics and has good lifespan and apparently stays in place very well.

It comes in tubes of 3oz, and I would carefully apply it on the wear surfaces in the inside of the transport with a very small artists brush for light application and precise control...

Anyway, here's a link. I am posting this to share my findings based on research of the real world experiences of other hobbyists, and thus I accept no responsibility for your use, mis-use, overuse, abuse, or any damages or malfunctions caused by your use of it.
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