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424 Speed/Pitch Control Problem
« on: December 01, 2018, 02:54:29 AM »
Hey all, here's a correspondence I had recently with Mike about the ongoing pitch/speed knob problem I am having on my 424 MkIII.

Mike suggested I post here to get some more input. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

"Hey I have a question for you regarding MkIII issues. Last I had a chance to use it (I'm out of the country for a while, and so unfortunately away from my Tascam), the MkIII was have issues regarding the pitch control. When I first got the device, I noticed that if I set the pitch/speed in the middle or turned all the way to the right, it would randomly change speeds sometimes (significant dips and changes, definitely more than just a little wobble). So I kept the dial all the way on the slowest (leftmost) setting like in this video. However, the last few times I used it, the speed was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I mean it was totally unrecordable and unplayable. No matter what setting I had it at, it would change speeds constantly and if I so much as touched the pitch knob and put any pressure on it at all, it would change even more drastically. If I could even make it through recording a track, the next playback would be a totally difference speed so there was no hope of recording over it.
Have you ever heard of a problem like this? I am really hoping there's a fix for it. Because aside from that, the MkIII works phenomenally. I bought it from someone who had kept it in the garage for 30 years, cleaned it all up, cleared out all the dust and hairs by hand, rubbed it down, and got it going. (I should maybe note, I wasn't able to do much cleaning regarding the pitch control, since every time I tried to take off the dial like I did all the other dials/knobs while cleaning it, it just felt like the pitch knob was going to break. As far as I know it's not removable.) Anyways, I've used the unit quite a bit, but this problem has become an obstacle to say the least. I would love to find a solution. Any ideas?"

Mike's response: "Sounds like you need new belts. I would also post this to the forum and see if anyone chimes in. It'll be a good record of the issue, too, if anyone searches for it in the future. Btw the pitch knob should pop right off, at least mine does!"