Author Topic: mixing confusion on Tascam 424 mkii  (Read 33 times)


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mixing confusion on Tascam 424 mkii
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:16:01 PM »
I have a question on how to go about mixing using monitors.

I'm using the mkii model, which differs from the mkiii in some of the monitor toggles. I attached an image for reference.

When creating a mix for bouncing down tracks, you can pan all 3 tracks to the right, and then the "Monitor R" switch will be the only one of the four which is switched to the right position. Everything else is switched to the left. When I do this, the faders are the only thing controlling the mix. The position of the "Effect 2/Tape Cue" knobs above each track do not effect the volume.

However, this means that the "Tape Cue" switch is set to the left position. The levels and fidelity seem MUCH lower and worse when this is switched to the left. When I switch to the right, to the "tape cue" position, everything gets louder and clearer. But then both the faders and the knobs are controlling the levels - this doesn't seem to be right either. Shouldn't it just be the faders that we are adjusting during mixing? Even when I bring the faders all the way to zero, you can still hear the track if the tape cue knob is turned up.

I'm talking about mixing down using monitors as a reference, not necessarily to bounce, but the same concept applies.

Is there any way to mix where this problem can be avoided? 

Put more simply, what settings on the Monitor section shown below should be used when mixing?