Author Topic: Time released videos on a schedule?  (Read 10 times)


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Time released videos on a schedule?
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:13:54 AM »
Is there anyway Vimeo could implement time released videos on a schedule? Even if its a feature for Pro account users.
So Lets say I want to upload a video on Friday but I don't want people to view it until Monday morning at 9:am, and possibly be able to que the entire month or 3 months if you wanted. This would be such a useful feature for us.
Is this type of feature in the works or do you have any future plans for this feature. If not any feedback would be greatly
Please if anyone has any information about it please help me out, i've been trying to serach it everywhere but didnt find any proper solution for it, please if anyone has a proper and exact information please help me out

Please help.
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